Brook Recognition charts a new course to deliver clients a roadmap to sustainable philanthropy

Adds seasoned philanthropic strategist to develop and expand services, increase global presence and create consultative partnerships with customers. Brook Recognition, the company that created The Recognition Paradigm Shift® will be renamed BrookGlobal.

Wednesday. August 15, 2018 – Brook Recognition, the company that created The Recognition Paradigm Shift® in donor recognition systems, announced it is expanding its service offerings to include sustainable philanthropy and broader philanthropic engagement. The company will now be known as BrookGlobal to reflect its expanded international presence and broader service offerings.

Brook Recognition’s unique methodology for donor recognition systems has become a proven process for improving donor retention and value through the power of engaging donors and sharing their impact through innovative and inspirational recognition systems. Brook Recognition customers have routinely experienced a 10-20% increase in donations after investing in a recognition system to honor donors and engage all of an organization’s stakeholders.

“Recognition is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to sustaining growth in philanthropy” commented Shawn Plater, President & CEO. “Maximizing lifetime donor value requires a full spectrum of strategies to attract, inspire, recognize and retain donors throughout the fundraising lifecycle. We are growing so that we can partner with our customers to design and deliver sustainability methodologies that ensure the certainty of future funding for our clients.”

BrookGlobal’s Philanthropic Sustainability Roadmap adds to its existing Donor Engagement Systems and is a methodology for sustainability that can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. It is based on a comprehensive portfolio of services to maximize donor engagement and lifetime donor value. To learn more about the Philanthropic Sustainability Roadmap and to request a preliminary sustainability assessment, contact the company directly.

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We are BrookGlobal, strategic partners with amazing nonprofit organizations to realize a shared vision of improving lives by thoughtfully applying the principles of engaged philanthropy. We help clients build and sustain deeply personal relationships with their donors and community.

Our innovative and inspirational approaches focus on growing an organization’s ability to attract, inspire, recognize, and retain its donors for their entire lives. We design and deliver a unique portfolio of services, tailored to meet the individual needs of clients and proven to maximize the lifetime value of donors and ensure the sustainability and certainty of future funding. Visit us at

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