Catalyst for Philanthropy

Catalyst for Philanthropy Webster’s online definition of catalyst is “a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a faster rate or under differentRead More

Best Practice Recognition Guidelines and Policies

They’re not exactly exciting, but Recognition Guidelines and Policies (RG&Ps) are essential to address underlying issues that may come up in relation to a donorRead More

Checklist for an Early, Proactive Approach to Donor Engagement

Donor engagement doesn’t happen by chance or overnight. Sufficient time is needed to develop a strategy that addresses the upcoming campaign as well as long-termRead More

The Paradigm Shift

BrookGlobal’s Recognition Paradigm Shift® has evolved to help engage more people than ever in philanthropy – and sustain donor engagement over the long term. StakeholdersRead More

Developing your Engagement System Budget

These include: Determining the location of the donor engagement system Understanding how much money is available for the project and its potential ROI Understanding designRead More

A Thriving Culture of Philanthropy

A Thriving Culture of Philanthropy Development professionals can dramatically impact how their organizations approach philanthropy and build a deeper philanthropic culture by focusing on severalRead More