Digital Engagement Best Practices and Pitfalls

Common Digital Pitfalls Content grows stale After putting effort into developing the initial content, it is not kept relevant or updated. Overly enamored by technology ... Read More

Catalyst for Philanthropy

Catalyst for Philanthropy Webster’s online definition of catalyst is “a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a faster rate or under differentRead More

Best Practice Recognition Guidelines and Policies

They’re not exactly exciting, but Recognition Guidelines and Policies (RG&Ps) are essential to address underlying issues that may come up in relation to a donorRead More

Checklist for an Early, Proactive Approach to Donor Engagement

Donor engagement doesn’t happen by chance or overnight. Sufficient time is needed to develop a strategy that addresses the upcoming campaign as well as long-termRead More

The Paradigm Shift

BrookGlobal’s Recognition Paradigm Shift® has evolved to help engage more people than ever in philanthropy – and sustain donor engagement over the long term. StakeholdersRead More

Developing your Engagement System Budget

These include: Determining the location of the donor engagement system Understanding how much money is available for the project and its potential ROI Understanding designRead More

A Thriving Culture of Philanthropy

A Thriving Culture of Philanthropy Development professionals can dramatically impact how their organizations approach philanthropy and build a deeper philanthropic culture by focusing on severalRead More