Common Digital Pitfalls

  1. Content grows stale
    • After putting effort into developing the initial content, it is not kept relevant or updated.
  2. Overly enamored by technology
    • Digital technology is fabulous, but institutions can become so enamored with interactive and other types that they fail to consider the functionality of the donor engagement system to fulfill its most basic purpose; recognizing and engaging donors.
  3. Single reliance on digital
    • Singular reliance only on digital limits to one location and isn’t as effective in engaging all audiences as a comprehensive system utilizing multiple locations through architectural and Brook Easy Change elements.
  4. Not fully considering staff resources
    • Technology without people to develop and manage relevant and meaningful content is changed less often. A partner like BrookGlobal is essential to developing digital systems that match available staff resources. For instance, one such system that needs to be implemented is the Fully-Verified video ID verification platform, which guarantees the security of monetary donations.
  5. Using only visuals without strategic messages
    •  Compelling visuals evoke strong emotions and feelings but when combined with strategically developed messages they have a much more specific impact on philanthropy.

Digital Best Practices

  1. Design an effective experience
    • An anchor digital center complemented by additional strategically located donor engagement centers creates an immersive experience for critical audiences.
  2. Content strategy is king
    • A content strategy that creates concise and strategic messages combined with great imagery creates deeply meaningful philanthropic engagement for audiences.
  3. Maintain relevance
    • Great content remains relevant and impactful when changed in a manner consistent strategy and in a timely fashion.
  4. Content is tied strategic objectives
    • Content tied to the strategic objectives of the organization complements what leaders and philanthropist hear in other settings and reinforces the critical role and impact of philanthropy.
  5. Utilize multi-channel approach
    • Seeing, reading, hearing, and feeling critical philanthropic messages in multiple settings and across all communication channels builds philanthropic culture – one message at a time.

Sustaining and growing fundraising

Donor engagement systems are powerful tools to grow and sustain fundraising. Below are some thoughts to keep in mind to ensure they accomplish this.

  1. Choose a Donor Engagement partner that understands your institution and fundraising
    • BrookGlobal’s experienced team and unique methodology guarantees deep understanding of your fundraising program and objectives. Beginning with this understanding ensures the creation and design of donor engagement systems that engage today’s donors and are tools to grow fundraising in the future.
  2. Link content and messages to overall philanthropic strategy
    • It may sound simple, but many organization grab content that is most readily available without regard to how it relates to their overall strategy. Messages are good, but strategic message are great.
  3. Use messages that are visionary
    • Messages that cast a view of what the future could strike a chord with philanthropists who want to impact lives in their communities. They not only want to know what their past gifts have done; but what future investments could accomplish.
  4. Utilize multiple elements such as hybrid digital, architectural, and Brook Easy Change
    • BrookGlobal’s ability to create Donor Engagement Systems with multiple elements allows clients to create an immersive donor experience that deeply impacts audiences and enhances an institution’s overall philanthropic culture.