We know financial considerations are important, so we have provided a budget range to give context to the illustrative concept shown above. This range is preliminary. We would work with you in the Discovery Phase to determine final pricing based upon the final design and size, materials chosen, and digital content requirements for your donor engagement centre.

$575,000 - $600,000

This design concept is a concept only. If we were privileged enough to work with you on this project a further site visit and discussions with Hackensack Meridian’s facilities team would be required in order to finalize the engineering details and to better understanding the details of the architecture of the space.

See below for some common factors that could significantly impact the final price.

Amount of digital or Brook Easy Change elements

Physical size and scale

Materials, finishes, and architectural elements used

The sophistication or utilization of different lighting effects

The complexity of the design


1. The following elements are not in scope:

  • Structural modifications to wall location(s)
  • Required electrical and data to locations on the wall
  • Production of naming plaques
  • Installation hoarding

2. Proposal pricing is in USD and valid for 60 days.

3. All applicable taxes are extra.

4. Proposal and its contents are confidential.