• Aaron Noble
    Engagement Project Manager Meet Aaron Noble

    Aaron NobleEngagement Project Manager

    Aaron combines his strong customer service and detail orientation with an unfailing willingness to help others in serving each and every customer. As an experienced project manager, he has overseen and coordinated major projects from design to construction during the past decade. He guides teams from across the Americas to ensure projects remain on schedule, and within budget, as they exceed the expectations of our client partners in achieving successful outcomes.

  • Ailsa Deayton
    Executive Assistant Meet Ailsa Deayton

    Ailsa DeaytonExecutive Assistant

    Ailsa is a talented collaborator, bringing together the Engagement Strategists from across the Americas. She assists the team in nurturing the relationships with our clients which lead to outstanding results. Ailsa is passionate about creating an impeccable service for the client from the first contact to right through to seeing the masterpiece come to fruition in their facility.

  • Brett Mencik
    Production and Install Manager Meet Brett Mencik

    Brett MencikProduction and Install Manager

    A Red-Seal Journeyman with more than seven years’ experience as a construction foreman, Brett leads the teams that install BrookGlobal’s Engagement Systems. He manages all on-site installations and updates, plus coordinates with our client partners’ facilities and maintenance teams to ensure minimal disruption. He is skilled at adapting to on-site conditions and maintains the highest safety standards while adhering to a disciplined approach to ensure deadlines are met. All his activities, including providing partner support during field visits, are aimed at achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Brian Hope
    Customer Support Meet Brian Hope

    Brian HopeCustomer Support

    Brian has worked enthusiastically at BrookGlobal since 2008, identifying new clients and developing relationships. He has honed his ability to pinpoint customers’ needs and provide consulting with the best solutions around an engagement system. Brian’s extensive experience in production and installation allows him to excel at customer support.

  • Bruce Plater
    Chief R&D Officer Meet Bruce Plater

    Bruce PlaterChief R&D Officer

    Results driven and resourceful, Bruce is a self-motivated business owner who co-founded a small partnership and advanced it into a successful and flourishing international company. His experience as past president has proven instrumental in overall business action plan development and execution in the philanthropic industry. He is an executive with solid experience in planning, implementing and executing donor-centered strategies resulting in greater client partner satisfaction and strengthened business results. Through effective leadership, he is committed to promoting creativity, innovative problem solving and quality craftsmanship while working in diverse environments.

  • Our global team brings unique perspectives, unmatched skills and best practices to each interaction with our client partners

  • Cam Mailey
    Finance Manager Meet Cam Mailey

    Cam MaileyFinance Manager

    Cam is passionate about delivering results that maximize ROI through the use of our engagement systems. He uses his wealth of experience to implement accurate reporting systems and forecasting capabilities, which are instrumental in supporting our international growth. Cam is a detail-oriented planner, proactive problem solver, and he has superior leadership skills in directing cross-functional teams to design and produce desired results.

  • Claude Esekody
    Customer Support Meet Claude Esekody

    Claude EsekodyCustomer Support

    Claude is a results-driven individual who has strong team-building attributes. He incorporates BrookGlobal’s strategies, with the objective of creating lasting relationships and the highest quality project outcomes. He also maintains engagement systems for our client partners, ensuring the systems remain relevant and current so they continue to inspire and engage donors. His high level of interaction and passion for finding solutions ensures excellent customer support.

  • Conny Dillistone
    Creative Specialist Meet Conny Dillistone

    Conny DillistoneCreative Specialist

    Conny has over 25 years of experience in the graphic design industry. Born in Germany, Conny got her introduction to print production art when she moved to the U.S. in 1992. Through the years, Conny worked her way up from production artist, to graphic designer, art director, and is now director of a design team. She relies on her extensive experience in graphic art and printing to help make each BrookGlobal engagement system a work of art.

  • Damaris Samuels
    Marketing & Communications Meet Damaris Samuels

    Damaris SamuelsMarketing & Communications

    Orchestrating marketing with a focus on providing solutions for the clients’ needs, Damaris ensures that every one of our clients has the tools to help them succeed in the philanthropic world. She brings our proven methodology to reality by conveying the company’s stories internally and externally, alike.

  • Daniel Beer
    SR Engagement Strategist Meet Daniel Beer

    Daniel BeerSR Engagement Strategist

    Daniel is an inspiring, talented strategy leader whose nearly two decades of experience informs industry and project types. His knowledge around philanthropic engagement allows him a keen eye into the seamless integration of Strategy-Design-Implementation-Installation inherent in BrookGlobal’s methodology. Today, Daniel serves as an engagement strategy leader across the Americas. He develops and presents detailed, cohesive strategy solutions that provide holistic answers to client partners’ needs and future planning around culture of philanthropy. Building relationships is one of Daniel’s specialties and his likeability ensures clients have fun working with him.

  • James Henry
    Engagement Project Manager Meet James Henry

    James HenryEngagement Project Manager

    James combines his analytical thinking, donor-centered approach and attention to detail in his role. As an experienced project manager, he has overseen and coordinated major projects from design to construction. He guides teams from across the Americas to ensure projects remain on schedule and within budget as they exceed the expectations of our client partners in achieving successful outcomes.

  • Janet Campbell
    Vice President Meet Janet Campbell

    Janet CampbellVice President

    Janet is a thoughtful and talented leader whose experience spans many industries, particularly in the healthcare sector.  She is deeply passionate about helping others in the wider-community, which is illustrated through her vibrant partnerships with our clients.  Janet combines over 25 years of experience in the business community as a senior executive leader and her extensive philanthropic knowledge to provide holistic solutions to our partner’s needs.
  • Jason McIvor
    Digital Project Manager Meet Jason McIvor

    Jason McIvorDigital Project Manager

    Jason has more than 18 years’ IT and technical support experience combined with a laser focus on customer service. He is known as a dynamic team player with exceptional collaboration and problem-solving skills. His IT strength is matched only by his passion for customer service, and his ability to handle advanced digital engagement and recognition systems is second to none

  • Joe Plater
    Operations Manager Meet Joe Plater

    Joe PlaterOperations Manager

    Joe is a passionate professional who always exceeds client expectations as he oversees production of engagement systems. His understanding of philanthropic engagement allows him to lead enthusiastically and motivate highly qualified installation teams. With years of successful experience in managing the most complex engagement system projects and relationships with client partners, Joe has the ability to identify client needs quickly, both in day-to-day and complex situations, and provide solutions.

  • Kayla Sinclair
    Creative Specialist Meet Kayla Sinclair

    Kayla SinclairCreative Specialist

    Kayla has an extensive decade of experience in the graphic design, copy-writing, and print industry. Her design work is both transformative and challenging, bringing a voice of innovation to the table. She relies on her extensive experience in graphic art and printing to help make each BrookGlobal engagement system a work of art.

  • Khalid Musa
    Engagement Procurement Meet Khalid Musa

    Khalid MusaEngagement Procurement

    In his purchasing role, Khalid coordinates closely with BrookGlobal project managers to ensure all engagement system components come together at critical dates. Through more than 10 years of IT and geoinformatics (GIS) experience, Khalid has become known for his reliability, creativity, and enthusiasm along with his organizational skills. His extensive knowledge of project management, IT, and GIS enhances any philanthropic engagement project, and he is an effective, multi-lingual communicator.

  • Mindy Plater
    Finance Assistant Meet Mindy Plater

    Mindy PlaterFinance Assistant

    Mindy applies her extensive knowledge of accounts payable, accounts receivable and bank recompilations to help every BrookGlobal project remain on track financially. She is experienced in multiple financial systems, as well as, payroll processing, general ledger maintenance and generally helps keep the back-office functions at BrookGlobal humming along smoothly.

  • Pete Line
    Chief Innovation Officer Meet Pete Line

    Pete LineChief Innovation Officer

    Highly experienced within the consulting industry, Pete’s knowledge comes from exposure to a variety of sectors. He’s a dynamic leader and thinker, with the ability to build business, develop client bases and assume accountability for complex projects. Pete’s mindset brings a unique and interesting dimension to the growing pressures that the philanthropy industry is facing, especially around the uncertainty of future funding. Pete encourages innovation and business performance improvements to support the success of our people and partners.

  • Phabian Grant
    Design Specialist Meet Phabian Grant

    Phabian GrantDesign Specialist

    Phabian is a former art teacher who pursued studies in architecture and has extensive knowledge of design-and-build projects. He has in-depth experience in SketchUp 3D design software, Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and other design software. He has won numerous art and design awards in the Caribbean, and he applies his artistic and digital skills to assist each BrookGlobal engagement system in making a positive impact on all stakeholders.

  • Sreejesh Chirakkara
    Design Specialist Meet Sreejesh Chirakkara

    Sreejesh ChirakkaraDesign Specialist

    Results-driven and innovative, Sreejesh utilizes his extensive experience in product design and engineering processes to take creative concepts to constructible projects for our clients, accurately. The safety of a project is the top priority for Sreejesh, and his decade of experience in Solid Works enables him to anticipate any constructability issues.

  • Shawn Plater
    CEO Meet Shawn Plater

    Shawn PlaterCEO

    Shawn is all about inspiring philanthropy and improving lives. He leads through his strength of character and a visionary plan for growth, culture, partnerships, and the community. He is passionate about working with non-profits, always adding strategic insight to their sustainability and engagement. Shawn is continuously willing to challenge the status quo, adding exponential value through market disruption and innovation.

  • Stevanna Navarro-Rey
    Business Intelligence Manager Meet Stevanna Navarro-Rey

    Stevanna Navarro-ReyBusiness Intelligence Manager

    Based at our corporate headquarters, Stevanna leverages her global experience and works closely with the engagement strategists and C-suite on marketing and communications for the North American market. She seamlessly collaborates with all disciplines to convey BrookGlobal’s stories internally and externally. Her dynamic approach and positive attitude encourage innovation and make her a key member of our team.

  • Steve Winesett
    Vice President, Sustainability Counsel Meet Steve Winesett

    Steve WinesettVice President, Sustainability Counsel

    With over 30 years of successful experience in philanthropy at three universities (Miss. State, TCU & Millsaps College) and two leading children’s hospitals (Lurie Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation), Steve has lead, or been a part of, campaigns ranging from $75 million to $400 million. At BrookGlobal, he is responsible for working with clients to develop comprehensive philanthropic cultures that are sustainable personally and professionally. His strategic thinking and applied problem-solving skills allow him to understand and advise our client partners on best practices for philanthropic engagement of all critical constituent groups, including donors, institutional leaders, physician and faculty partners, Board members, volunteers and staff. Steve is committed to working with clients to develop integrated communication plans that can be applied in all physical settings and across all communication channels.

  • Tim Henry
    Engagement Strategist Meet Tim Henry

    Tim HenryEngagement Strategist

    Tim is fearless and passionate about new projects and new challenges. His 15+ years of experience working with non-profits give him the ability to identify clients’ needs and implement the best solution around philanthropic engagement. Today he works across the Americas, predominantly in the education sector. His communications skills support and strengthen the relationships with our client partners and professionals alike, expanding our methodology, services and reach.

  • Torin Wiwchar
    Production and Install Technician Meet Torin Wiwchar

    Torin WiwcharProduction and Install Technician

    A former site inspector and carpenter with Forum, Torin takes a disciplined approach to every Engagement System installation, managing the install teams and coordinating with on-site facilities and maintenance personnel to ensure deadlines are met with minimal disruption. He also ensures the highest health and safety standards for his teams as they adapt to on-site conditions. His goal in every installation is complete customer satisfaction.

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