Arkansas Children’s Hospital – North WestAR, United States



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A customized, regional approach sustained donor engagement following an intensive capital campaign.

Arkansas Children’s is the state’s only health care system solely dedicated to caring for children, which allows the organization to uniquely shape the landscape of pediatric care in Arkansas. A private non-profit, it is one of the 25 largest children’s hospitals in the United States and has an international reputation for medical breakthroughs and treatments, unique surgical procedures and forward-thinking research. The system blankets the state with outreach programs, including telemedicine, mobile health and school-based health solutions. Arkansas Children’s Northwest in Springdale was a new hospital made possible by a large capital campaign. It includes 233,613 square feet of inpatient beds, emergency care, clinic rooms and diagnostic services.

Donors in the northwest region of the state had different motivations from those supporting the flagship Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Continuing their engagement after the capital campaign was as crucial as recognizing them for their contributions.

Using an approach tailored to the region’s donors and building on the platform established at the Little Rock campus, BrookGlobal advised and incorporated an awareness strategy to build excitement and enhance a culture of philanthropy among them as well as physicians, staff, patients, families and visitors. The strategy was based on enriching their donor experience and making a meaningful connection through the impactful message, “champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow.”

BrookGlobal’s donor-centered approach featured key components to tell donor stories that would inspire others to give. The recommended engagement system was designed as a proactive communication tool, rather than simply a listing of donor names. Using the Brook Easy Change System, updates are now easily and economically made and digital recognition is integrated that aligns with BrookGlobal’s Paradigm Shift.