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We chose to highlight this project because it illustrates:

  • A Donor Celebration Centre that seeks to change how the institution views itself – growing from a city institution to a province-wide institution
  • A carefully designed Centre that showcases the celebration of philanthropy in the context of the hospital’s history, milestones, significant research accomplishments, and passionate volunteers
  • An entirely new way for the Foundation to communicate both the history and the impact philanthropy could make on the future
  • A Centre thoughtfully and beautifully designed to illustrate the diversity of Manitoba and give all audiences the opportunity to see themselves in the institution’s history and future
  • A holistic philanthropic and history Centre that speaks to multiple audiences (philanthropic partners, hospital staff, caregivers, volunteers, patients, families, visitors, Board Members, etc.) and allows these critical messages to be migrated across other communication channels, thus impacting audiences who may never step foot in the facility

“The end product is a holistic communication and engagement system that speaks not only to our donors, but to hospital staff, patients, families, visitors, Board members, and more. We strongly believe that our Donor Celebration Centre will be an important tool in increasing our fundraising revenue, improving donor retention, supporting our communication strategy, and enhancing our philanthropic culture. We highly recommend the BrookGlobal team to any fundraising leaders who are looking to honour and engage stakeholders in a meaningful and sustainable way.”
Jon Lyon
President and CEO
Health Sciences Centre Foundation

CONFIDENTIAL  |   12 May 2023