Video Brochures

‘WOW’ your donors and audience with a creative, multi-sensory, and immersive engagement tool.


Video Brochures are a multi-media communication tool used to connect with donors through visual, video, and audio. Studies have proven that a video brochure is showed to at least 15 people other than recipient. This means you can effectively spread your cause and message while giving your donors a lasting impression.

Product options

Simple & Economical


Top End

Behind the Design

With a dedicated in-house design team, we create beautiful and impactful video brochures to wow your donors. Using insights from brain science to re-inspire philanthropic engagement, we allow you to connect with your donors on a personal level.


Getting your donor’s attention through using a tangible approach that stands of from the rest. People feel 24% more valued if they can see and touch something rather than only seeing it.

Personal Touch

Donors want to be known personally. Make a lasting impression on your donors with a unique communication approach. This approach will showcase the genuine interest you have in them.


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