About Us

Our Story

For more than 35 years, BrookGlobal has been a family-owned business. The company was born in architectural signage and evolved into donor recognition systems for hospitals and universities in the 1980s.

Twenty years later, we strengthened our commitment to improving philanthropy, and in 2014 we pioneered a paradigm shift to engagement systems that have become game changers for our client partners. These engagement systems are exquisitely beautiful, highly effective and easily updatable ways to recognize and honor donors.

However, they are so much more. Keep reading to learn more about our rich history.

Integral to these engagement systems is a close working relationship with our client partners to create strategic, holistic and integrated communication plans for use throughout their organizations’ physical settings and across all communication channels. Our expertise and experience enable us to assist clients in inspiring donors – and all stakeholders – to achieve the ultimate goal of making lives better.


Teammates who work at BrookGlobal are truly part of a family where every individual honors and respects his or her co-workers. Our people come from all corners of the world and we embrace their diverse viewpoints, continually striving to understand one another, just as we seek to fully understand our client partners. Our team brings to each project vast experience, expertise and professionalism, and we are unified by our shared internal vision:

  • Work hard
  • Have fun
  • Make a difference
  • Deliver WOW!
Our common denominator?

Passion for inspiring philanthropic investment to
positively impact more lives.

Meet our Team

Our culture

When they meet us, BrookGlobal’s client partners recognize our company and our approach are unique. That’s because we’re understated and humble, yet we are a high-performance team passionate about philanthropy and the positive difference it can make in people’s lives. We care deeply about each other, our clients and their mission, which motivates us to work hard and bring our very best selves to every encounter. Ultimately, our clients see us as trusted and highly valued partners who exemplify integrity and authenticity.

Our methodology

In creating innovative engagement systems to inspire giving as well as pride, BrookGlobal takes an evidence-based approach that’s
reinforced by deep experience and a broad knowledge base.

to understand their unique challenges, opportunities, strategic imperatives and how we can help them achieve their goals.

to develop customized programs to grow philanthropy and messages that can be used across all communication channels to help engage internal audiences along with donors.

of stunningly beautiful engagement systems and effective tools to assist in building a culture of philanthropy.

as effective as the design is breathtaking.

The end result is a comprehensive, holistic donor engagement program that will serve as a catalyst to grow clients’ philanthropic revenue stream in a sustainable way for the future. Our proven methodology has led to an increase in donations of 10 to 20 percent.

Our Values

At the core of how we operate are BrookGlobal’s five key values:

  • Integrity: doing the right thing each and every time.
  • Accountability: willingly and transparently being responsible for our actions.
  • Teamwork: working together to achieve a common goal – an all-for-all mindset.
  • Delivering WOW!: going above and beyond to delight our partners and far exceed their expectations.
  • Humility: demonstrating genuine respect and appreciation.


At BrookGlobal, our clients are our partners. We’re passionate about helping them achieve their fundraising goals to make a positive difference in more lives. We bring a unique perspective to each partnership, providing guidance for building a culture of philanthropy – not simply a donor wall.

Our clients trust us to deliver a high level of service, an unmatched work ethic, complete reliability and a healthy dose of fun. Like the long-lasting legacy we help them build, we are focused on long-term, productive relationships with our partners.

Toward that end, we’re as selective about our clients as they are about choosing a donor-experience ally. For us, the relationship must result in a win-win. Our clients typically have a progressive mindset and are open and willing to consider what they need to do in order to grow their programs. These are forward-thinking individuals who have achieved a track record of success. Above all, our preferred client partners are prepared to invest in future success.

Our Partnership