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Honor and inspire donors through highly impactful area naming solutions such as donor recognition plaques and dimensional lettering.

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Area naming creates an impress and permeant legacy for your major donors. It allows them to be effectively recognized and inspires new donors to make an impact as well. Dimensional lettering, donor recognition plaques, and other area naming solutions connect staff, patients, and visitors with the impact of your donors. Having consistent standard and naming policy is vital in ensuring the effectiveness of the solution.

Creative Design

With a dedicated in-house design team, we create beautiful and impactful donor recognition plaques and dimensional lettering wow your donors, visitors, community, and staff.

Fundraising Talent

With over 30 years of fundraising experience on our team, we understand the obstacles you are facing, first-hand so we provide the perfect solution to those challenges.


Consistency across your area naming policies and standards are key for ensuring effective and long-lasting impact. With over 4 decades in the philanthropic world, we will help you develop a consistent area naming policy and standards.

Premium Quality

Make lasting impressions on your donors, visitors, and stakeholders with premium area naming solutions. Our premium donor recognition plaques and dimensional lettering will ensure your donors are satisfied with your physical recognition for years to come.

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Jim Pattison Childrens Hospital

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