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5 Ways to Connect with Your Donors in 2021 and Beyond

It’s no surprise that donor communications are changing. But 2020 has pushed organizations to accept those changes quickly—and often adjust strategies repeatedly as so many things change around us! Here are 5 ways you can connect with your donors in 2021 and beyond.

See how other organizations are successfully using video brochures to capture the minds, hearts, and donations of their donors

Here are 5 methods that non-profits are using to engage, attract, and connect with their donors:

1. Ask Your Donors

While communicating with your donors is important, it’s critical that you ask them what the best way is to engage with them. Seek their suggestions and ideas so that you can be sure that are engaged as possible.

Regardless of how and where you communicate, keep doing it! Donors want—and need—to hear from you.

connect with your donors by text

2. Texting

Texting is pretty new for most organizations… but it works! And we’ve heard good things about using apps to facilitate text communications. 

Unlike email, 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

Keep text messages brief and inspiring. Non-profits can use texting to update donors on campaigns, use a text-to-give program, keep donors involved in their cause, send multimedia messages like videos and pictures, and show the impact their gift is having.

3. Video Brochures and Direct Mail

Video brochures are becoming popular communication method. This is a card-based product with a screen housed in it and a sound chip and USB memory that provides the video content. Its an effective and impactful way to connect with your donors with something unexpected.

Yes, it feels a bit like going backwards, but now that the working world uses digital communications for almost everything, direct mail can help your foundation stand out!

video brochure - donor gifts and connecting with donors

70% of Americans say that direct mail feels more personal than digital communications and makes them feel more special.

Some effective ways to use direct mail include sending handwritten thank-you letters/notes, gifts, quarantine care packages, and foundation branded merchandise. Consider also sending your impact or annual report via mail.

4. Social Media

95% of adults aged 18-34 are likely to follow organizations just like yours through social media.

Now, in particular, an organization’s posts can provide a much-needed inspiration break on people’s feeds, while also giving them a chance to get involved in doing good.

With the majority of adults connecting with brands on social media, it’s important for foundations to have an effective and active social media strategy in place.

Connect with your donors by social media

Consider using one-to-one messaging, sending multimedia messages using videos or pictures, connecting new donors with long-time loyal donors, sharing stories, and running surveys (a great way to begin engagement with a new audience). Use social media to keep donors engaged and involved in the cause and impact of your foundation.

5. Virtual Events

connect with your donors by virtual events

Creating and hosting a virtual event is a great way to engage your donors while also reaching a larger audience. Many organizations are successfully connecting to donors through virtual galas, contests, and even online gaming days! We’ve compiled a list of ideas and more information about virtual events.

Connect, Engage, Expand, Repeat​

When you connect with your donors, ask them about the best ways to engage with them, and seek their suggestions and ideas. 

Found something that works well?

Send us a note and we’ll share it with others!

Regardless of how and where you communicate, keep doing it! Donors want—and need—to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to try out new ways of connecting. You’ll likely find some new and effective tools and strategies, and we confidently expect to see great apps and ideas continue to emerge. The most important thing is to keep communicating and engaging with your donors.


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