Why An All-Digital Donor Wall Might Not Be Right For Your Organization

Over the years, many clients have inquired about an all-digital donor wall. However, after an initial meeting with our donor engagement strategists, they usually decide on a different approach.

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Using our 40 years of experience working on over 1,000 donor recognition and engagement projects and our deep wealth of in-house philanthropy expertise, we recommend a hybrid donor engagement that utilizes a combination of digital and static elements. Why is that our recommended approach when all-digital donor walls have been a trend in recent years?

Static and digital elements have particular parts to play as part of your donor engagement system. Our research, backed by the opinions of transformational donors, shows that a hybrid approach works best for a myriad of reasons:

1. Donors like to associate their names (and their gifts) with a sense of permanence.

Why would a donor want to see their name on a fleeting digital screen when their donation is part of their legacy?

2. Digital elements have their place and can offer a motion that static components cannot.

That’s why we recommend using digital components for storytelling. Telling the story of a family or person whose life has been impacted by a donor’s generous gift will resonate profoundly with everyone. It will help build an emotional connection through photos and videos.

3. We want to ensure our clients are set up for long-term success, which would include the ability and resources to update your messaging.

But unfortunately, an entire digital wall requires significant maintenance and a dedicated content team. Do you have those resources available? For some clients, all-digital walls are overwhelming, a make-work project that, before long, showcased nothing more than blank screens. And you don’t have to visit too many healthcare and university lobbies to find a long-faded-to-black screen staring at you.

4. We offer robust donor engagement and recognition strategies; we are not an electronics vendor but rather your strategic partner in philanthropy.

We cannot provide you with the lowest cost for a screen, but we can provide you with a donor engagement system that will be the right long-term fit for your organization’s philanthropic goals.

The Paradigm Shift has impacted how we view digital recognition. We’ve listened to the feedback our clients have provided, we’ve done the research, and we’ve adjusted. However, digital recognition must be re-aligned to fit within the new definition of donor recognition. It must have a definitive purpose and cannot be utilized just for the sake of fitting in with what may be perceived as “state-of-the-art.”

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