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Donor Recognition Planner

In our experience, we’ve found that a significant amount of the stress generated for any project is getting it started. So we created a donor recognition planner to assist our clients. The planning process can be a difficult time – especially if you or your organization is relatively new to it. We’re going to help you make this as smooth as possible.

This Donor Recognition Planner will help guide you through process – enabling you to set key dates and milestones, and know exactly what’s on the horizon.

Download our editable donor recognition planner!

Decision Making Process

Developing a donor recognition wall is a complex but important project, so it’s imperative to ensure the adequate systems and processes are in place for a successful project outcome. In the Decision Making Process you will be making key decisions such as:

  • calculating your possible budget range
  • determining your target install date
  • determining the types of recognition you will need to accomplish (static, digital, annual, cumulative, etc.)
  • selecting the key internal project stakeholders
Donor wall

Vendor Selection Process

Once you have creating the project framework, the next step is to select a vendor to bring your vision to life. In this step you will go through researching, shortlisting, and finally selecting your preferred vendor. This vendor will be an integral part of your Donor Recognition Project, so ensuring that you pick the right vendor for your organization is key. 

Most organizations looking to develop a donor recognition wall go through a formal request for proposal (RFP) process to select a vendor.

Click here to submit your donor recognition RFP to BrookGlobal.

Pre-Installation Management

Now that you have selected a preferred vendor, the content and design of the donor wall will start taking shape.

When finalizing the design, you will need to:

  • Provide the vendor with brand assets
  • Gather internal feedback and approval on design
  • Obtain finalized design and firm pricing from vendor
  • How the wall will be updated in the future and how often


For the content, you will need to determine:

  • How the donors want their names listed
  • What the donor levels are
  • What stories will be featured
  • What images will be displayed on the wall

Installation Preparation

With your design finalized and approved, your vendor will now ensure the physical location of the donor wall is prepped for installation. At this stage, you will need to provide the vendor with your facilities and IT personnel contact information, send the final donor list, and set up the logistics for the install.

Post Installation

Now that your donor wall is installed, you will need to ensure all sign-off forms are completed, review the warranty documents, and ensure you receive training or information on the cleaning and maintenance of your wall.


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