Community hospitals are integral to the health of Canadians. And as your Ultimate Campaign has so clearly illustrated, when community members are cared for, they show their appreciation by making their philanthropic investments. That is a beautiful thing.

We would be so honoured to join with you in your project to celebrate the broad-based and wide-spread support you enjoy from the community you serve.

We applaud your vision to not just provide exceptional health care to your community, but to provide a world-class health experience.

The fact that you’ve built the first hospital in Vaughan and the first hospital in Ontario in 30 years speaks volumes to your commitment to the community. And the fact that your strategy includes creating the first smart hospital in Canada will go a long way to realizing your vision of ensuring that your leading health experts can create a health experience that is exceptional and closer to home.

It would be a privilege to join you in that vision through this project to commemorate your founding donors of $1,000 to $9,999 to the new Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital. Our goal would be to recognize these donors and show the impact of their gifts to inspire an even broader base of community involvement and investment in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your Request for Proposal. We hope the following information is helpful as you choose your partner for this project. And we sincerely hope you conclude that BrookGlobal would be the optimal partner to join you in this mission.

Daniel Beer

Project Lead, Key Contact

D: 1 (431) 304-0915


The ultimate catalyst for philanthropy.



Your aspirations are inspiring to us, and we would be privileged to partner with you to make them come to life!

  • You want to celebrate the broad-based philanthropic investment your community is making in you by commemorating the founding donors of $1,000 to $9,999 who helped you build the first hospital in Vaughan and the first smart hospital in Canada.

  • You want to inspire, grow, and celebrate philanthropy at all levels, thus communicating the inclusive nature of philanthropy and inviting everyone in the community to be a part of creating amazing health experiences for the community.

  • You want to create an innovative and imaginative donor recognition and engagement solution that serves the needs of the Foundation for the next 10-plus years.

  • You want to illustrate the critical importance that philanthropy plays at Mackenzie Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital.

We would be privileged to join you in this mission and are committed to orchestrating a seamless process for you. In the next section, we describe the team that would be dedicated to making your success a reality.



For more than 40 years, BrookGlobal has been a family-owned business serving communities and organizations across North America to inspire philanthropy and improve lives. The company was born as an architectural signage firm and evolved into crafting donor recognition systems for hospitals and universities in the 1980s.

Twenty years later, we strengthened our commitment to improving philanthropy, and in 2014, we pioneered a paradigm shift to engagement systems that have become game-changers for our partners. These engagement systems are exquisitely beautiful, highly effective, and easily updatable to continue recognizing and inspiring donors.

In creating innovative engagement systems, BrookGlobal takes an evidence-based approach reinforced by deep experience and a broad knowledge base from everyone at #TeamBrook.

Our common denominator? Passion for inspiring philanthropic investment to impact more lives positively.

Group image of our Winnipeg team.

The health and safety of your patients and staff are of the utmost importance to us. All members of #TeamBrook, including contractors, are fully vaccinated. Should the requirements around vaccinations change over the period of the contract with Mackenzie Health, we agree to abide by whichever regulations are in place at the time.

Daniel Beer


Steve Winesett


Shawn Plater


Anna Leskiw


Joe Plater


Miroslav Mackic


Bruce Plater


Claude Esekody




exterior donor recognition at Jim Pattison Children's Hospital


Brynn Boback-Lane

President & CEO

P: 306-227-7107


exterior donor recognition


Rheo Catt

Director, Capital Campaign

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donor engagement center


Jonathon Lyon

President & CEO

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To orchestrate the success of your project, we would employ our tried-and-true methodology that we have used on hundreds of projects to ensure success.

This methodology begins with a Discovery Phase to ensure that we gain an understanding of your project’s primary objectives, aspirations, and challenges. The other three phases ensure that the entire project comes to a successful conclusion, on time and on budget. 

Our methodology has four phases. Each is briefly outlined below. To learn more about any phase, please click that box for a more in-depth description.

Our design team will generate digital artwork previews, so your stakeholders and donors can seamlessly make annotations, design requests, and ultimately approve the artwork for this donor recognition project.


Understanding Your Needs

  • Your project’s goals and aspirations 
  • Your fundraising program’s strategic objectives and aspirations 
  • Your decision-making process and key stakeholders you want to involve 
  • Your ideal timeline and budget 
  • Engineering knowledge for possible locations of donor recognition elements 


Ensuring Success

  • Affirm objectives and goals 
  • Develop a specific timeline for the project 
  • Develop tangible goals to benchmark project success 
  • Develop plans that speak to all stakeholders 

Developing Solutions

  • Utilize strategies to inform the design 
  • Orchestrate a creative design development process that engages all of your desired stakeholders 
  • Develop inspirational 3D flythrough presentations for key stakeholders, donors, or other audiences critical to philanthropy 
  • Create designs that optimally combine beauty, creativity, and function to ensure you have tools for the fundraising program 
  • Finalize overall design and content plan 


Bringing It All to Life

  • Fabricate and quality test all donor recognition items 
  • Work with Engineering, Operations and Facilities to coordinate and install your donor recognition project 
  • Post-installation content updates 



Designing beautiful, creative, and impactful donor recognition to honour your community of donors would be a process orchestrated collaboratively with you. We refer to that process as the design development process.

In this section, we provide a few illustrations to serve as examples of a potential starting point for our collaborative design development process.



To see the design rationale, pricing, and ongoing fees, click the button below.







Experience with organizations of similar size, scope, and complexity

Alignment in organizational values

Technical abilities and resources

Understanding and appreciation of the philanthropic landscape of donor recognition

Ability to facilitate the entire process from discovery through to implementation

A competitive pricing structure that reflects our appreciation for the valued partnership

Demonstrated concern for consistency, accuracy, and attention to detail

Recommendations from current clients



Thank you for the opportunity to present this response to your RFP.  We would be thrilled and honoured to work with you to create an innovative solution to recognize your donors now and inspire even more growth in the future.

We’ve been privileged to do that for over four decades and we intend to continue growing and expanding so that through our partners we can inspire even more philanthropy and improve even more lives!

Thank you!


251 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg MB R3J 3C7 | 1.877.608.6987


Daniel Beer


Daniel has been responsible for the development and execution of extensive design and consultation services for hundreds of projects over the last twenty years. His greatest asset when pursuing the highest level of customer satisfaction and client testimonials can be attributed to his strong communication skills. Daniel inspires our team and provides a tremendous amount of mentoring and insight.

Steve Winesett


Steve is an authentic and experienced philanthropic partner; who cares deeply about inspiring philanthropy and improving lives. Steve graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s in Public Accounting and then received an MLA from Texas Christian University. He is dedicated to creating sustainable philanthropic programs and the lives of the professionals serving those programs. With over 35 years of fundraising experience and the former President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, Steve has brought a wealth of knowledge to the BrookGlobal team on many projects. 

Shawn Plater


As one of the Principals of BrookGlobal, Shawn’s passion, enthusiasm, and communication skills are admirable and contagious, making him a highly effective leader. He is a team player who interacts professionally and co-operatively with clients, suppliers, co-workers & management within the organization. With more than fifteen years of experience in consulting, production, project management, and customer service, Shawn has an aptitude to provide strategic direction for sustainable recognition programs.

Anna Leskiw

creative specialist

Upon completion of her post-secondary education, Anna’s work experience had been primarily within the advertising and visual communications field, firstly with graphic design, then evolving to art direction, and finally to a marketing project manager. Many years of experience and a professional attitude continue to determine the method of approach and dedication required for each task. The high level of creativity, consideration of the client and their target markets, as well as attention to detail has been the key element to the success of many projects.

Joe Plater


Joe leads the project management teams to ensure the quality of our process is always at the highest level. He has a tremendous depth of experience in Production and Customer Service. Joe is a detail-oriented problem solver which enables him to work well with clients and team members to develop the finished product. He is responsible for the final design approval, firm price proposal, and verifying all necessary information and timelines are met by both parties. Joe takes the project from concept through to production and ensures the install is completed on time. 

Miroslav Mackic


Positive, organized, and efficient, Miro provides strategic leadership to the production and project management teams, ensuring effective management of labour, productivity, quality control, and safety. He uses his extensive operations experience to ensure our teams and projects are running on schedule without errors or issues.

Bruce Plater


Bruce is a maestro when it comes to taking the design of a donor engagement system and making it a reality. With over 30+ years of building and designing donor engagement systems, Bruce has seen it all. This level of insight and intuition has led to the development of many of our systems such as the Brook Easy Change system and our Suspended Cable system. Bruce runs our engineering team to model the designs via CAD to develop detailed drawings for all the material and components needed to create the donor engagement system. These instructions are used by our install team and project management for the upcoming installation and material purchasing.

Claude Esekody

client care

Claude is an expert in delivering success in our partner’s reordering and inquiries. Claude is very motivated, always challenging himself to do more, and his willingness to take on additional tasks makes him a great team player. His attention to detail in establishing a client’s needs and timeline and then ensuring all deadlines are met results in a precise finished product. He also has a contagious laugh that can’t help but make you smile.


The purpose of the Discovery Phase is to ensure that we understand the strategic objectives and aspirations you have for your department and how this particular project fits into those objectives. This ensures that everything we co-create with you is capable of being a tool to help drive the growth and awareness of the important work your department does.

The Discovery Phase concludes after we’ve drafted two working documents with you – Major Objectives of the Project and What Does Success Look Like? We review and affirm those documents in the next phase – the Strategy Phase. 


The Strategy Phase is when we take all we learned in the Discovery Phase and develop strategies to ensure success.  

In addition, we work with you to confirm your communication aspirations related to donor experience and philanthropic messaging, then use this knowledge to create strategies to impact the design of your donor recognition. This ensures that the design can most optimally communicate your appreciation of your philanthropic partners now and remain a relevant, impactful tool for years to come. 


The Design Phase is when your donor recognition project comes to life. It is in this phase that we work with you to make the transition from ideas and concepts that exist in our brains to actual drawings and illustrations that become real. 

We have enormous experience in orchestrating this process to produce a result that uniquely reflects you and your institution’s aspirations, hopes, and dreams. In addition, we ensure you end up with powerful tools to help drive and sustain growth in your fundraising program, speak to all audiences, enhance your philanthropic culture, and provide critical philanthropic messages you can migrate across all communication channels. 

Our design team will generate digital artwork previews so your stakeholders and donors can seamlessly make annotations, design requests, and ultimately approve the artwork for this donor recognition project.  


The Implementation Phase is exactly what the name implies. It is the phase when the donor recognition project is installed. We bring our vast construction and engineering experience to this process and can navigate any unforeseen challenges or last-minute changes needed by a client.  

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that your donor engagement centres are long-lasting tools for your fundraising program. We have received numerous accolades from hospital and university facility offices for our installers’ professionalism and capabilities. We understand that we are visitors to your facility, and we do everything we can to honour and respect that environment. 

BrookGlobal has vast experience working with complex organizations related to recognition displays.

BrookGlobal’s humble expertise, work ethic, and commitment to excellence is seen in everything we do.  And we share your commitment and dedication to make the world a better place for Canadians.

BrookGlobal’s 40+ years of experience with over 800 projects gives us a breadth and depth of knowledge and ability.

Celebrating communities and clearly communicating the impact of those communities is a powerful tool to sustain and even accelerate the trajectory of growth of a department.


We expertly orchestrate the entire process for you from Discovery through to Implementation. Our partnership is one from start to finish and this ensures quality and continuity every step of the way.

BrookGlobal believes in the impact our clients make in their communities and the world. We believe an investment like this project is one that returns value to our clients and helps them grow and sustain their departments.

BrookGlobal’s commitment to excellence and attention to accuracy and detail can be seen in our projects across North America.

BrookGlobal has raving fans and a commitment to “Deliver the wow!” in every project for every client.