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A comprehensive and immersive donor engagement system that engages all stakeholders through storytelling and is a sustainable strategic tool  to enhance philanthropic culture and support future fundraising.

About the Foundation:

A freestanding children’s hospital was a vision for the leaders of Saskatchewan for over two decades. Saskatchewan was the last of two provinces in Canada without a dedicated maternal and children’s hospital. To make this dream a reality, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation was founded in 1992. Under the leadership of Brynn Boback-Lane, CEO of the Foundation, the Foundation launched a $75 million campaign, We Can’t Wait. This campaign was initiated to raise funds for the new hospital, equipment, material, research, and programs. In May 2017, Jim Pattison made an additional $50 million gift, bringing the campaign goal to over $125 million – by far the most extensive campaign for the institution. The Foundation team and their philanthropic partners succeeded, and the new 176 bed, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, opened on September 29, 2019.

Donor Recognition Challenges:

With running their largest campaign to date, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation needed a comprehensive and immersive donor recognition system that not only engaged donors click here but the entire network of stakeholders and partners at the hospital. Creating a transformative and complete donor engagement system had its challenges:

  1. The Foundation needed a way to recognize donors to the largest fundraising campaign in their history.
  2. The campaign received the most significant single gift in the institution’s history, and several other gifts were the largest ever for individual donors. The Foundation needed a
    tool to recognize these transformational gifts.
  3. The campaign had programmatic elements but was primarily driven by the excitement of the new children’s hospital, and the Foundation knew there would be a need to maintain the
    enthusiasm and fundraising level after the grand opening.
  4. The Foundation also knew that fundraising would need to transition from a campaign primarily driven by capital expansion to other elements (programs, research, endowment etc.).
  5. While the primary goal of the Foundation was to recognize and engage donors, they also aspired to enhance the healing environment at the main entrance and throughout the new
  6. The Foundation was on a strict deadline – they had to ensure that the installation of the Donor Engagement System would coincide with grand opening events.
  7. The Foundation needed a partner who could orchestrate everything so that they could continue to focus on their primary objective – successfully meeting the campaign goal.

“BrookGlobal’s level of quality and service from their initial outreach all the way through their participation in our grand opening events has consistently impressed us. They orchestrated the entire process, dealt with numerous surprises with grace and expertise, and went above and beyond at every turn.”

Allie McIlmoyl, Senior Manager, Digital and Impact Marketing
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Solution:

The Foundation issued a competitive RFP and selected BrookGlobal as their Donor Recognition Partner. Through a series of early discovery and strategy meetings, we identified several objectives for the partnership in addition to recognizing donors. We partnered with the Foundation and other key stakeholder groups, like the Healing Arts Program, to create multiple dynamic elements for the Donor Engagement System that would:

  1. Reflect the Northern Lights theme that the architect and hospital used throughout their new facility.
  2. Identify optimal locations for donor engagement.
  3. Identify critical aspects for the projects, including the primary Donor Center located in the main entrance, the use of indoor columns in the front lobby, the use of exterior Beacon of Hope pillars, and a focus on individual naming opportunities and space recognition.

Through a deliberate design and  content development process, BrookGlobal created a central Donor Center that is a combination of digital and Brook Easy Change elements and successfully produced an immersive experience while enhancing the calm and peaceful  environment for the families entering the facility. The calming ambiance is created through digital interludes followed by stories illustrating the direct impact of philanthropic investment on the children, families, physicians, caregivers, and the donors.

With a comprehensive donor engagement strategy, the Foundation has a hybrid system that can be re-purposed for future campaigns without having to tear down or replace anything but the content. This allows the Foundation to utilize the system as a sustainable fundraising tool that can maintain their remarkable fundraising growth. There are additional donor recognition areas that are made with the future in mind: indoor pillars directly across from the primary donor engagement wall, individual naming opportunities throughout the entire hospital, and exterior Beacons of Hope pillars for large transformational gifts.

“BrookGlobal went far above and beyond what we expected. Their understanding of our needs and generous willingness to share their expertise in strategy development was invaluable. We have no doubt that they genuinely care about our mission.”

Lynn Redl-Huntington, Vice President
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Result:

This resulted in a transformative and dynamic engagement system that accomplishes more than just donor recognition. The system sets the stage for the future of fundraising, engages all stakeholders, radiates hope and healing, balances digital and static elements, and is easy to maintain and update.

Quote from the Client:

 “With BrookGlobal, we have a relationship that goes far beyond our co-development of our beautiful Donor Recognition Systems. This partnership allows improved strategic considerations as to how to build our entire philanthropic culture.”

“BrookGlobal was a critical partner in helping us achieve our vision. They listened to our vision, worked with us to clarify and expand it, and ultimately delivered.”

“What you see in the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is a testament to our vision and BrookGlobal’s creativity. I am confident the donor engagement systems have already raised awareness about the critical role that philanthropy plays at our hospital. This is a meaningful tool for our communications strategy, and it will continue to enhance our entire philanthropic culture.”

Brynn Boback-Lane, President and CEO
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation