Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada


A holistic donor engagement system demonstrates community impact and enhances a culture of philanthropy.


The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is a world-class facility with enhanced experiences for all visitors. They aim to engage visitors with stories of Canada’s aviation and aerospace heritage while providing an environment to inspire future aviators and innovators. As a result, the museum is not only a signature attraction for the city but for all of Canada. 


The museum closed its’ doors in 2018 to embark on an ambitious Climb Aboard capital campaign that would require donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, major donors, and all levels of Government to fund a spectacular transformation and a brand-new museum for all of Western Canada. 

The museum needed a way to inspire and recognize donors for the campaign. They also needed to:

"Working with the BrookGlobal team, it’s very much a collaboration. They take time to listen and understand to have the greatest impact possible based on their expertise. They also bring a commitment to excellence throughout the project."
Terry Slobodian
President & CEO, Curator
Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada


The donor engagement system efficiently communicates the impact of philanthropic investment and volunteerism, reflecting donors’ and volunteers’ importance. 

Team Brook developed a highly strategic and stunning donor engagement system that recognizes capital campaign donors and will inspire future donors in the years to come.

This donor engagement system reflects bright colours, hopeful skies, and modern branding combined with respect for the museum’s history.


This resulted in a transformative and dynamic engagement system that accomplishes more than donor recognition. The strategy sets the stage for the future of fundraising, engages all stakeholders, radiates hope and positivity, balances digital and static elements, and is easy to maintain and update.

Why was BrookGlobal the Best Company?

"It was the extra attention to detail that BrookGlobal gave to the project as opposed to just simply answering our questions and providing a solution. It was more than that. It was more of a partnership. I would say that you are in for a very reliable experience, that you don’t really need to worry about. You are going to get a company that provides everything that you promise and a company that will go the extra mile just to make sure every little thing you need is covered."
Joel Nelson
Vice President of Operations & Facilities
Royal Aviation Museum

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