Woodstock General Hospital


A holistic donor engagement system demonstrates community impact and enhances a culture of philanthropy

Ontario’s Woodstock General Hospital  is much more than a hospital; it is an essential resource to the quality of life for each person in its catchment area. Built in November 2011, Woodstock Hospital is a 178 bed, full-service community hospital, providing primary care to a population of 55,000 and specialized care to nearly 110,000 within the County of Oxford. The new facility offers a wide range of health programs including maternal child, women’s health, specialized surgical services and inpatient and outpatient mental health. The full-service facility works closely with community partners to provide patients with healthcare services close to home.

The Woodstock General Hospital  Foundation needed a donor recognition system for a capital campaign. They required versatility and the option to include additional names and changes after installation. The architectural challenge was a creative functional concept to fit within a pre-defined, multi-level space.

BrookGlobal developed a functional design for an impactful, donor engagement display that drew in viewers. The engagement system captured the various levels of donations, while being extremely functional, with room for growth and expansion as needed. It is a stunning design that ties the look and feel of the hospital environment with elements of the philanthropic strategy. Following installation of the new display system, donations increased by 10% and board engagement also improved.

BrookGlobal’s donor-centered approach featured key components to tell donor stories that would inspire others to give. The recommended engagement system was designed as a proactive communication tool, rather than simply a listing of donor names. Using the Brook Easy Change System, updates are now easily and economically made and digital communication recognition is integrated that aligns with BrookGlobal’s Recognition Paradigm Shift®.
“When the 'Stairwell Piece' was unveiled to our donors, they were overwhelmed, and it has inspired others to make their donations. Now that we have opened our doors, it serves as an inspiring testament to our community’s support and BrookGlobal creativity.”
Vicki M. Davey
Director of Development
Woodstock General Hospital Foundation

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