Who We Are Not a Good Fit For

BrookGlobal works with the top non-profit hospital and healthcare systems in the United States, Canada, and beyond. Some of our clients include Duke Children’s Health, Johns Hopkins, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, PennState Health, CommonSpirit, Intermountain Healthcare, Children’s Mercy Research Institute, and many more.

While many foundations contact us about their donor recognition and engagement needs, it doesn’t mean we’re a good fit for everyone. Read on to see if when your foundation is not a fit for BrookGlobal.

Your Organization is Set on an All-Digital Donor Wall

While all-digital systems have their place and time, we don’t generally recommend them for donor recognition. You don’t have to visit too many healthcare and university lobbies to find a long-faded-to-black screen staring at you. All-digital walls require significant maintenance and a dedicated content team to ensure they are updated constantly. Many end up getting pulled after a year or two.

BrookGlobal isn’t your electronics vendor but rather your strategic partner in philanthropy. We’ll provide you with a donor engagement system that’s the right long-term fit for your organization’s philanthropic goals. 

However, there are some highly specific situations where an all-digital donor wall is the right fit for your organization. Feel free to reach out to one of our engagement advisors.

Your Budget is Restricted

We respect that some foundations may not have a significant budget to spend on donor recognition, but here at BrookGlobal we only provide high-quality systems. When you go with a BrookGlobal donor wall, you get a custom donor engagement system that’s a powerful philanthropic tool to inspire donors, improve donor retention, and enhance your culture of philanthropy.

A donor engagement wall is a strategic investment for today and your organization’s future. It’s a key area where world-class organizations are investing. We take the time to have conversations with you about your budget, fears, challenges, and goals to understand your needs and plan the right engagement wall for your organization.

Your Organization Wants a Tradition Donor Wall (Strip System or Donor Tree)

Traditionally, donor recognition has been viewed as a way to say ‘thank you’ to generous contributors. And that aspect hasn’t changed. But it’s become so much more. Rather than simply listing donor names that are refreshed once or twice a year, donor recognition should be used as a powerful engagement tool. It tells the bigger story that donors want to be a part of and becomes an ongoing part of your fundraising strategy.

A donor engagement wall is much more than a ‘fancy sign’. It’s a tool that works hard for your organization. Because of this, we do not offer traditional donor walls or donor trees.

Design is More of a Focus Than Strategy

The design of your donor wall is important. However, the strategy behind the design and the overall system is what takes it from being just a donor wall to a philanthropic tool that will resonate with existing and prospective donors. In our experience, strategy is more important than design and should take precedence.

Check out the Children’s Mercy Research Institute case study to read about how strategy can determine and improve design.

A donor engagement wall is much more than a ‘fancy sign’. It’s a tool that works hard for your organization. Because of this, we do not offer traditional donor walls or donor trees.

You're Looking for Plaques or Small Area Naming Recognition

BrookGlobal is a leader in innovative solutions that are transforming the way donors are recognized and engaged. While we do offer area naming recognition packages and plaques as part of an overall donor engagement strategy, we do not do one-off plaques or area naming recognition.

If you’re a past client and would like to update or add plaques to your existing collection, please click the button below.

We’re here to offer the support and advice that comes from over 40 years of working in donor recognition and engagement.

If you think we are the right fit for you or if you are still unsure, then send us a message by clicking the button below or give us a quick call. 

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