I definitely think the Engagement System will be a strong support for us, and we will use it in a lot of ways, but especially to share as people walk through. So, when they stop and see the impact that other people have had — and the community of Orlando has had — because of their philanthropic dollars, I think they will get inspired to know more about it and want to get involved. And I really believe it will give us more philanthropic dollars and support.

John Bozard

John Bozard


Orlando Health Foundation


I would highly recommend BrookGlobal to any organization that is committed to doing the deep work and not simply focusing on an attractive display. I look forward to continuing our work together on both of our campuses.

Fred Scarborough

Chief Development Officer & President

Arkansas Children’s Hospital – North West

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Improving Lives. To make a significant, positive difference in the lives of those in need through successful philanthropic programs that also positively impact donors’ lives.

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